Shelter Press is a french publishing / curatorial platform founded in 2011 by publisher Bartolomé Sanson and artist Félicia Atkinson.
Shelter Press works as a nomadic artist-run organization building up dialogues between contemporary art, poetry and experimental music through publications, pedagogical experiences, and exhibitions.


Publisher, Sales
→ Bartolomé Sanson (email)

Copublisher, Events
→ Félicia Atkinson (email)

Sorry but we do not accept demos.

Distribution (Records)

→ Boomkat (EU)
→ Forced Exposure (USA)
→ Bandcamp (DIGITAL)

Distribution (Books)

→ Presses Du Réel (FR.BE.CH)
→ Antenne (UK)
→ Motto Distribution (DE)
→ Perimeter (AUS / NZ)