Félicia Atkinson — syncing & licensing

felicia atkinson

Félicia Atkinson — syncing & licensing

If you’re interested in choosing pieces or commission something exclusive from Félicia Atkinson feel free to get in touch with us.
Felicia is available for film projects, museums, theatre, dance, promotion campaigns, or any other purposes.
All rights can be cleared directly with us.

Contact syncing & licensing
Bartolomé Sanson / contact@shelter-press.com


CLIENT: Tank Magazine — Volume 8 issue 7


TITLE: The ties that bind, the bloodlines that hold.

CREDITS: Photography by Estelle Hanania, styling by Benoît Bèthume, video by François Coquerel
YEAR: 2016

LICENSED TRACK: Against Archives


TV Show


CLIENT: ABC Entertainment


TITLE: Final Witness


YEAR: 2013

LICENSED TRACK: Green and Gray


Contemporary Art / Dance Film

CLIENT: Ann Guillaume

CATEGORY: Contemporary Art

TITLE: Submarino

CREDITS: Director: Ann Guillaume, Production Ensci, Images et post production : Ramón Diago

YEAR: 2015

LICENSED TRACK: Submarino (Original composition)



CLIENT: Compagnie Desprairies

CATEGORY: Dance film

TITLE: Les Trois Contents

CREDITS: Choreography: Julie Desprairies, Director: Arnold Pasquier, Actors Elise Ladoué, Nedjma Merahi, Olivier Renouf

YEAR: 2008

LICENSED TRACK: L3C (Original composition)



Short Film

CLIENT: ANV Productions

CATEGORY: Short film

TITLE: Dad’s Work

CREDITS: Director: Victor Planas-Bielsa, Writer: Victor Planas-Bielsa, Stars: Yvonnick Muller, Shakti Shrestha
YEAR: 2014

LICENSED TRACK: Painted Figures