‘Domebook 2’ (SP005)

Dome Book 2 Shelter Press
Dome Book 2 Shelter Press

‘Domebook 2’


140 pages
20 x 28 cm
full color offset
first edition of 20 copies
perfect bound / softcover

About the book

« Since the first time I went in Bolinas, CA in 2008, and then when I came back with Bartolomé in 2010, I realized that there was a strange cosmic knot between my art and music work and the beliefs of Llyod Khan, the Shelter Utopians and of course Mr Buckminster Fuller. But also some echos of John Cage, the Blackmountain College, and the beloved environmentalist Thoreau…. Those wonders in Bolinas inspired my first a cassette called A Shelter in Bolinas, that I released as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier for the american label Digitalis. That was a first step… But most of all, the desire for a belief of shelter in the same time unique, free, and completely independent, inspired Bartolomé and I a new home they would share : SHELTER PRESS.

Félicia Atkinson, february 2012

It would be a open door for different special projects, whether they will be books or records. As a statement for SHELTER PRESS and as a caption for my exhibition at LE BON ACCUEIL (“good welcome” in french) in Rennes in France, the two of them would take the opportunity to re-publish THE DOME BOOK 2 as a non profit gesture, a free sprit manifesto. The book will be presented inside a geodesic dome specially made for the exhibition called Walden’s Studio, a structure that would stand as an open air dome inside the gallery where you could record yourself playing music without cutting yourself from your environment.