Duo pour danseuse et musicienne autour de poèmes-partitions en A et La Majeur (w/ Felicia Atkinson & Elise Ladoué)

a house a dance a poem


French premiere on Apr. 15 at Frac île-de-france / Le Plateau
Danish premiere on Apr. 23 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg


A House A Dance A Poem is a score, a performance, a film, a song, a book and a possible exhibition by Félicia Atkinson with the collaboration of the dancer Elise Ladoué.

It was performed in April 2016 at Le Plateau Frac Ile de France (Version 1) and at Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Version 2).

A House A Dance A Poem is is a feminist hymn composed as a pyramidal structure, referring in the same time to the A-frame houses, the yoga position of the triangle, the first letter of the roman alphabet and the feminine sex.

A House A Dance A Poem is an formalist ode to the letter A, whereas it is interpreted and improvised as a house, an object, a musical key, a movement or a noun.

“A” as a starting point for drawing a line in architecture, design, crafts, arts.
The film and the score can be activated by a performance by Elise Ladoué and Félicia Atkinson and/or an installation of sculptures of Atkinson.

Almost static, the colors of the film seem to be awkwardly televisual, the A-frame house swallows its characters and and is swallowed itself by the letter A.

Sound Piece

Appears on the album ‘Hand In Hand’ (Shelter Press, SP081, 2017)


Felicia Atkinson Shelter Press Score
Felicia Atkinson Shelter Press Score
Felicia Atkinson Shelter Press Score
Felicia Atkinson Shelter Press Score
a house a dance a poem

Graphic score of the performance
16 pages, 11 x 18 cm, black risograph with blue staples.

Text by Felicia Atkinson, Choreography and dance by Elise Ladoué
Photo by Thomas Scotto d’Abusco, Design by Bartolomé Sanson
Edition of 250 copies, Printed by Hato Press (London)
Published by Argument (Shelter Press), 042016

Performance at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Film, 2016, 08:31



Shelter Press at Alt_CPH, Copenhagen, Danemark

September 11 — 13, 2015

With works by

Mark Allen (Machine Project)
Felicia Atkinson
Alberto Garcia del Castillo
James Hoff
Marthe Krüger
Hailey Loman (LACA)
Eric Mast
Cécile Noguès
Johan Rosenmunthe
Gabriel Saloman
Paolo Thorsen-Nagel
Suzanna Zak

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Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage
with films by Sabrina Ratté, Cameron Stallones, Alexander Stewart.

June 24 — July 15, 2015 at La Permanence, Clermont Ferrant (FR)