Christopher Schreck
‘Burnt Grass’ (SP010)


Christopher Schreck ‘Burnt Grass’


54 pages
14 x 19 cm
black & white
first edition of 50 copies
perfect bound / soft cover

Shelter Poetry Room #1

About the artist

Christopher Schreck lives and works
in New York city.


you buying

got something’ll untangle them blue veins

keep em from curling up like you seen
the gray fingernails of ash smeared street saints
with eight pound dreads
whove fed their very arms
to atrophy

im telling you man

theres no need to conjure up reasons

no cause to be kneeling
or numb’d into needing

there is still holiness in america

been ransomed and hidden
and driven to dirt

but its there to be found
dropping blossoms
in its meaningless

(which is not to say worthless
insipid or petty but only
with no purpose for being)

(and thus holy)

m o v e m e n t

you just gotta keep it straight in your mind

that beauty’s anything
you can see without blinking

and if you want to be free
of what leads to confusion
all you have to do
is forget about you