SP082. Darren Almond ‘All Things Pass’ + ‘Timescape’ (CLEAR WAX – LP + BOOK)


Bundle with
— Darren Almond ‘All Things Pass’ (record)
— Darren Almond ‘Timescape’ (exhibition catalog)
→ Bundle limited to 75 copies

All Things Pass

Reversed board printed gatefold and innersleeve, with one LP pressed on clear wax and a 16 pages full color sewn-bound booklet. The record All Things Pass, accompanied by a booklet, focuses exclusively on Almond’s work All Things Pass, a video installation combining several temporalities whose central subject is Chand Baori, a ninth century stepwell located in Rajasthan. The composition, produced by a group of four Indian musicians, reveals close relations between the images and the very notion of rãga, at the heart of Indian music.

Timescape (exhibition catalog)

Timescape, published by MUDAM. 31 x 31 perfect-bound book with dust jacket, 4C + 1 silver PMS printing with tipped-on photographs.
The publication Timescape presents an interview between Darren Almond and Christophe Gallois as well as exhibition views, showing the singularity of each artwork and, most of all, highlighting the artist’s recent series Timescape, abstract paintings inspired by representations of the cosmos.

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