Anne Laure Sacriste
‘Orion Aveugle’ (SP041)

Shelter Press / SP041
Shelter Press / SP041
Shelter Press / SP041
Shelter Press / SP041

Anne Laure Sacriste ‘Orion Aveugle’


48 pages + 2 inserts
16.5 x 23 cm
full color offset
first edition of 700 copies
perfect bound
hard cover

All works by Anne Laure Sacriste
Layout by Bartolomé Sanson

About the artist

Anne Laure Sacriste (1970) is a paris-based visual artist.
Her works have been exhibited in Paris (Air de Paris, Galeries des Galeries Lafayette, Lafayette, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Art : Concept…), in France (Musée d’art moderne Saint Etienne, Villa Betarix Enea, Anglet, Château d’Avignon, Arles…) as well as in the rest of the world (Fri-Art, Fribourg – Suisse, Galerie Hadrien de Montferrand, Pékin, Chung King Project / François Ghebaly, Los Angeles…).

About the book

With the same image of Freud’s divan on its front and back covers, Orion Aveugle, Anne Laure Sacriste’s new artist’s book, offers a selection of recent paintings marked by an intensification of the characteristics we have come to know: monochrome grounds, vegetal motifs and visual anamneses. Borrowing the principle of free association (here, of pictures) from psychoanalysis, she also includes a fragment from Nicolas Poussin’s Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun. This is her simultaneous subversion of the ideals of classical clarity and analytical decoding: we can see only thanks to blindness and dazzlement.