McCloud Zicmuse
‘The Well-Tuned Iaeniaen’ (SP054)

Shelter Press / SP054

McCloud Zicmuse ‘The Well-Tuned Iaeniaen’



18 tracks
41 min
Pro-Dubbed Tape
first edition of 100 copies


A1. ND_deesses
A2. ND_hollande
A3. ND_lyle
A4. ND_stuffed_leaves
A5. 11V14_Y
A6. 12VI23_pastilles
A7. 12XI18_palette_cgt
A8. 13I15_hiyashiame-ameyu

B1. 13VI03_merula
B2. 13VI16_deesses
B3. 13VI17_wycam_cap
B4. 13VII07a_planche_3_chordes
B5. 13VII15_emiette
B6. 13VII24_tria_litra
B7. 14II21_anglet_planche
B8. 13VII24a_adana_bloc
B9. 2012_ND_cocoa
B10. 13IV13_triunfador_arche


“The Well-Tuned Iaeniaen” is an exploration in the sonic possibilities of a family of instruments ​built by McCloud Zicmuse ​called “iaeniaens”. ​ ​Iaeniaens are constructed intuitively with available materials, usually a tin can or wooden box, a stick, a string and a couple of screws. As such they are constantly changing​.
I​n an effort to document the range of each instrument’s individual voice, ​ this recording​ concentrate​s​ on multi-tracking the one string iaeniaens, to explore the chordal and micro-tonal hazards resulting from the moiré-effect of the instrument’s imprecision.
As the iaeniaen is not susceptible to “fine tuning” as the piano is (props to Le Monte Young and “The Well-Tuned Piano”), this allows for the weakness of the instrument​,​ it’s lack of precise tuning mechanism and ​rough compone​n​ts, to be transformed into a sonic ​meditation where fragility is transformed into ​ strength.


The IAENIAEN was created by the sheer need to play music with limited resources.
In 2007, while on tour with ​with the project Le Ton mité, a guitar was stolen from the train in Lyon, France. This turned out to be the instrument of McCloud Zicmuse. So months later, when he found himself again in Lyon at an art residency that had no stipend, but with a lot of tools, he gathered up used guitar strings from the rehearsal studios located next door, and put together a series of rough instruments from recouperated materials: the IAENIAEN was born.
This instrument went on to become the foundation of a commercialy successful group in Belgium, a guest in many recordings and is the basis of The Instant Instrument Workshop.
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McCloud Zicmuse

After years of intense activity in the musical and art scenes of North America, McCloud Zicmuse missed the plane that was to take him to his home in Olympia, Washington, and started to live between France, Sweden & Japan before finding roots in Brussels, Belgium. Known mainly for his work with his solo project Le Ton Mité, Zicmuse collaborates frequently with groups such as Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Microphones & Tenniscoats. He is also a bassoonist having been invited to play with Mt. Eerie, Chris Cohen, Félicia Atkinson, Half-Handed Cloud, Club des Chats & Congotronics vs Rockers, among others…
In addition to his life on tour, Zicmuse, holds workshops (how to build instruments out of garbage, creating temporary nations & making mistakes), studies and writes about folklore and co-runs with Anne Brugni a small scale gallery, publishing house, gallery, letterpress shop & hotel in Brussels.