Stephen O’Malley
‘Eternelle Idole’ (SP060)


Stephen O’Malley ‘Eternelle Idole’ (SP060)


6 tracks
49 min
2 LP + photo booklet

first edition:
– 500 copies on white (OUT OF STOCK)

second edition:
– 300 copies on white (OUT OF STOCK)
– 100 copies on clear (OUT OF STOCK)
– 100 copies ice blue (OUT OF STOCK)

Copies AVAILABLE in the US via
Forced Exposure

160grm vinyl, 350gsm cover with gloss varnish
16 pages 30 x 30 cm saddle stitched booklet



A1. L’étang
A2. Aurore theme
B1. Eternal Idol
B2. Arrival of the trainer
C2. Return / Escape


September 2015 marks the release of Stephen O’Malley’s ‘Eternelle Idole’ (SP060), long awaited documentation of the score of Paris based choreographer Gisèle Vienne’s eponymous artistic ice skating choreographic piece of the same name.

Composed of 47 minutes of music spread over 2 vinyls and enhanced by a elegant and chilling photoset by Estelle Hanania, the record features some – familiar – O’Malley collaborators such as Steve Moore, Daniel O’Sullivan, Peter Rehberg, Jesse Sykes, Bill Herzog & Randall Dunn.

Recorded between Brest (FR), Seattle (USA), and Rotterdam (NL), the score sees Stephen O’Malley taking several creative detours, utilizing modular synthesizers and programming as key elements for much of the composition. And while a 3 minutes hole will extract the music from any temporality, emerging eerie phrases of keyboards and piano draw a white monochrome stage for a young girl’s stark and emotive elegy.

Not to worry then… clavichord and guitars weave the darkness, supported by Jesse Sykes prophetical voice, summoning the utter walls of the threats from the external world.

Mirroring the music score, Estelle Hanania presents 16 photographs from the choreographic piece, enlightening how much ice-skating can be about grace and sustain, geometry, telemetry, distance and perfection, as well as possible falls, gloomy shadows.

Metal against ice, tights and knots, spirals and scratches, shouts and winds : field recordings mold a crispy atmosphere while instruments draws some ovals shapes such as lakes, ice skating ring, cosmos belt… and a terrestrial cloud passage and eventual landing platform for a flying saucer.

— Out on September 4th via Shelter Press on white 3 sided double LP with a 16 page 30cm full color booklet.


All images by Estelle Hanania

Music composed and conducted by Stephen O’Malley

Guitar & Programing : Stephen O’Malley
Programing : Peter Rehberg
Recorded in Brest 0208, Paris & Vienna 0408
[as KTL]

Aurore theme
Juno 60, Korg Polysix, Piano: Steve Moore
Programing : Stephen O’Malley
Recorded in Brest & Guilers 0508

Eternal Idol
Guitar, Field recordings, Programing : Stephen O’Malley
Piano & Clavichord : Steve Moore
Voices : Jesse Sykes
Choeurs : William Herzog
Recorded art Kent 1003, Brest 0508 & Seattle 1108
Mixed by Randall Dunn at Aleph, Seattle 1108
[as Pearl]

Arrival of the trainer
M-tron : Stephen O’Malley
M-tron, Korg MS20 : Randall Dunn
Recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn at Aleph, Seattle 1108

Return / Escape
ARP 2500 & M-tron : Stephen O’Malley
ARP 2500 : Daniel O’Sullivan
M-tron, Korg MS20 : Randall Dunn
Recorded at Worm / CIM, Rotterdam 1008
Recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn at Aleph, Seattle 1108
Additional field recordings :
Shoreline 1108 par Mell Dettmer
Brest 0109 par Kenan Trevien

Mastered by Mell Dettmer at Sinister Kitchen, Seattle 0114
Cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin 0215

Musique éditée par Stephen O’Malley / Ideologic Organ (SACEM)
Paroles éditées par Spooky American Music, BMI (adm. BUG)